Webtalk Basics

What is Webtalk


Webtalk is the social and business network, FREE to all users,  that is growing at a rate of 20,000 to 30,000 members daily.  As of this writing, Webtalk had close to 200,000 users.

Update 9/25/2018:  Webtalk membership is in excess of 550,000 users.

Update 9/30/2018:  Webtalk now has over 750,000 users.

UPDATE 10/22/18:  1,260,000+ users and ranks in the top 31,000 sites in the world 

Imagine if Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Amazon, Shopify, Freelancer, Yelp, Salesforce, Angieslist and Google had a baby, and that baby had all of the pros and none of the cons…

You just imagined what Webtalk is!

Webtalk Features

Some of the great features currently available or coming soon to Webtalk:

– A way to have all relationships in one place, but manage them based on their value and stage (personal or professional, maintaining close relationships or building new relationships)  including a way to instantly verify a person, and their credentials, to build new relationships faster!!!  Webtalk allows you to place your contacts (your friends/followers) into a group as soon as you connect with them.  You can create social media posts and send them only to certain groups of contacts.  

–  A simple way to search and communicate with targeted contacts to build and maintain relationships

– A way to search for people, businesses and products recommended by people you know…locally!

–  A way to instantly hire a service provider or freelancer (or be hired) right through a profile – think Angie’s List

– A way to purchase or sell products/services directly through a business page – think Amazon

– A search engine that can provide immediate credible and valuable recommendations for tradespeople and service professionals.

Once you join and start to use the social network Webtalk, you will notice automatically that you can:

  1.  Separate your “friends” / “followers” in different ways before you accept them onto your social network.  Webtalk asks you to classify each person or business when you add them so that only certain information you decide is provided to each person/business,webtalk perfect netowrking app
  2. For each post you make, you no longer have to set individual custom people who will view the post because the system provides you with automatic options based on the privacy level you set when you added people to the social network,
  3. Get recommendations from your friends to boost your career/business,
  4. Market yourself and/or your business including your products and users can search specifically for your services and products – COMING SOON

The Network That Shares Revenue with Users

Webtalk is experiencing explosive growth.  The user base has been growing at an average of 20-30k users per day with one recent day seeing an amazing 50,000 new users.  One of the reasons that Webtalk is growing so rapidly is the company’s revenue sharing program.  Webtalk offers a free affiliate program that offers users a 10% share of all the revenue that is generated by other users directly referred into their network and the first million qualified affiliates will earn a 10% commissions for revenue generated by users 5 tiers deep into their network. Future blog posts will detail the affiliate program and the future services offered by Webtalk that will generate revenue.

Join Webtalk today for FREE


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