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Features Update

Recently, Webtalk, a new social networking site, announced several new features in development.  The site is currently in beta testing and accordingly, new features are frequently announced to the excitement of its almost 400,000 members.  Some of these features include:

  1. Block function to remove users from your network,
  2. Bug fixes that prevent non connected users (think friends on Facebook or followers on Instagram) from leaving recommendations or posting on users’ newsfeeds,
  3. Bank level password protection that will assist in the prevention of hacking.

As of this writing, there is no firm date for beta testing to be completed.  Webtalk continues to grow by over 20,000 users a day.  The beta testing is by invitation only and users have the ability to refer new users to the site and earn up to five level deep commissions once the pro subscription option (which is not required to be a commissionable affiliate) launches and ad revenue is earned by the company.

Webtalk will eventually open up membership without invitation but, it was also announced that the invitation requirement will remain until at least the

webtalkalexapoint that the company has 1 million pro subscribers.

Finally, Webtalk is now among the top 100,000 websites in the world according to Alexa, the top website ranking site.  This is an enormous accomplishment for a social network still in beta testing.  Webtalk is also among the top 20,000 websites in the United States.

You can join Webtalk by clicking here.  Membership is free, no credit card required, as is the affiliate program.



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