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Webtalk Featured on ABC News

Webtalk CEO RJ Garbowiwebtalk interviewcz isn’t getting much sleep lately, working about 20 hours a day, he told ABC News this morning in their exclusive look into the company’s operations.

Garbowicz was interviewed by ABC Action News in Florida and gave the network insight into Webtalk’s current development and plans.  He showed reporters how Webtalk takes popular elements from established companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and various online marketplaces and merges them into “one-stop-shopping”.

A huge element of Webtalk’s appeal is their privacy and control features.  Garbowicz gave a demonstration of how each of your friends/followers can be specifically labeled into personal, private, and/or business contacts from the time a user adds them to their network . That allows for better control of who sees certain posts.  Garbowicz explained that by allowing these privacy controls,  “relationships in your real life better mirror relationships in your virtual life”.

Webtalk is quickly approaching the 500,000 user mark and Garbowicz went on to tell reporters how Webtalk is offering early adopters a free affiliate revenue sharing program.   Details on that program were featured in this blog here.

You can watch the full interview here.

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