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Webtalk Free Affiliate Plan Amended – Million Member Cap Removed

Webtalk recently announced changes to its Free Affiliate Plan due to the explosive growth of the new social networking site.  As of this writing, membership stood at 550,000 members and Webtalk is rising in website rankings, currently in the top 72,000 websites globally and in the top 13,000 websites in the United States according to Alexa.  Webtalk has removed the one million member cap to be eligible for its five tier


commission plan and instead opted to allow all members who sign up during beta testing to be eligible for that plan.

Webtalk also announced that beta testing for the site is expected to continue for the next few months.  That announcement is significant because, due to the removal of the one million member cap, anyone who joins the site during beta testing is eligible to qualify for the free 5 tier commission plan.  Prior to this announcement, there was a seeming “race” to have members join before Webtalk reached its million member mark.

The free five tier affiliate commission plan is powerful and has been discussed in detail in previous posts on this site.  Essentially, upon qualifying, affiliates who were members during beta testing, will receive 10% of all company revenue generated by users in an affiliate’s network going five layers deep.  In simple terms, a qualified affiliate will receive 10% commission for all revenue generated by his/her direct referrals, their referrals, and the next three levels deep of referrals.

An an example:

Tier 1:  You join Webtalk and refer 10 people to join Webtalk . You receive 10% of the monthly revenue generated by those 10 new users.

Tier 2:  Those five users refer 100 new members.  You receive 10% of their generated revenue.

Tier 3:  Those 100 members collectively refer 1000 new Webtalk members.  Again, you receive 10% of their revenue. Your total network now stands at  1,110 members.

Tier 4:  The 1000 users from tier 3 collectively refer 10000 Webtalk members.  Your network is now at 11,110 members.

Tier 5:  The 10000 from Tier 4 refer 100,000 new Webtalk members.  You now have a  total network of 111,110 members and receive 10% of their generated monthly revenue.

What is Generated Revenue

Webtalk had previously announced that Generated Revenue will include all revenue generated by Webtalk for all its products and services.   Initially, upon launch, generated revenue will include revenue from upgrade subscriptions to activate additional features (think LinkedIn) and ad revenue.  Ad revenue is powerful.  Ad revenue is generated by ads looked at by users (impressions) and “clicks” on an ad.  Facebook has no upgrade subscriptions and currently generates approximately four billion dollars a year in revenue from ad impressions and clicks.

Following launch, Webtalk will gradually introduce additional features to the site.  One of the most powerful future features of Webtalk will be its marketplace that will allowwebtalkscreenshot users to advertise goods and services for sale, similar to Amazon and Ebay, and allow advertisers to post special offers and coupons.  Webtalk will generate fees from those sales and affiliates will receive 10% of those fees.


Webtalk aims to eventually be a combination of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Amazon/Ebay.  Webtalk is expected to have well over one million users by its launch date and that number is expected to grow exponentially.  The growth in users will certainly translate into a growth in revenue and that’s great news for both the company and its affiliates.

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