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Major Update Release and Record Breaking User Growth

Over the past couple of days, Webtalk made major announcements concerning its user growth, features additions and upcoming press.  CEO RJ Garbowicz announced:

  1. The week of October 1st, Webtalk will launch version 2.14 of the new social networking site.  The new version is a major upgrade in terms of features and bug fixes.  Webtalk is still currently in beta testing and version 2.14 will bring over 300 new features and bug fixes.
  2. Webtalk has grown to over 700,000 users as of September 29, 2018.  Today’s new user count was also marked by a record 50,000 new users in one day.  The site is expected to hit the magic 1,000,000 user mark within the month of October.
  3. Garbowicz also announced that mobile apps launch has been placed on the top of the priority list for the company.  This was welcome news to a user base that has been wanting an app to use the network and allows for easier growth in the user base.
  4. Webtalk is expected to be featured in the press again soon.  The company was recently featured in a story by ABC News.

Once version 2.14 is released, Webtalk Social will release a separate article detailing all of the new features.

To join Webtalk for free, click here

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