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Webtalk Explained in Simple Terms



Webtalk is a social and business networking site based in Florida.  Webtalk reached over 1,000,000 users at the beginning of October, 2018 representing a staggering 615% growth rate in one month.  At its current growth rate, 2,000,000 users and beyond is realistic before year’s end.

While Webtalk is a rapidly growing network, it is still largely unknown worldwide.  The purpose of this article is to explain Webtalk in a way that new and future users can understand and relate to it compared to other social media and business networking sites.

Webtalk Compared to Other Networks

Webtalk is taking the best features of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Angie’s List, Amazon, Ebay and similar sites and combining them into a single social and business network.  So what does that really mean?  The best way to answer that question is to explore Webtalk’s current and coming soon features individually as they relate to the other networking sites:

How Webtalk is Different from Facebook and Instagram

The two largest social media sites in the world, Facebook and Instagram, offer their enormous user base the ability to share posts, photos and videos to anyone that they are friends with, with people that follow them.  If you want to limit who sees your posts on Facebook, you have to separately create a group or individually limit who sees a particular post each and every time.

With Webtalk, each of your friends/followers are placed into particular groups when you add them to your network making it easier to select who can view a particular post.  When you add a friend/follower, which on Webtalk is called “connecting” with someone, you are automatically prompted to select where you want them in your network.  You can add your connection as a professional connection or a personal connection or both.  You can further divide your connections as different categories.  For example, as a personal connection, you can add the person as a friend, a family member, or simply an acquaintance.  Think about the power of those categories.  With Webtalk, you can automatically post something that you would only want close friends and family to see.  There is no need to create a separate group for each post.  The groups are created as you add connections.  Webtalk places people in your network in the same way that they relate to your life.

How Webtalk is Different from LinkedIn and Angie’s List

These popular sites are largely about sharing expertise, touting ability.  LinkedIn users spend a majority of their time posting about their career backgrounds, displaying their products, and sharing their professional accomplishments.  Angie’s List is focused on recommendations…hire me because all these other people have recommended me and I do a great job.  They are great business networking sites but, and this is a central theme in this article, that’s what they are limited to.

What if you could log on to one site and see your friend’s pictures from an event like on Facebook and also search for a reputable plumber who is highly recommended by other users?  What if you could tout your own services on your own page and have that page searchable by your industry or position?  What if you could congratulate a friend on their engagement and also read a recommendation from that friend for a professional service that you need?  You will be able to with Webtalk.  Recommendations are automatically placed on your connection’s pages and when all of Webtalk’s features are launched, users will be able to search for an accountant, attorney, plumber, electrician, real estate broker, etc and see who their connections recommend.

How Webtalk is Different from Amazon/Ebay

Obviously, the features of Amazon and Ebay are well known to anyone reading this article.  These are our primary online shopping sites, for new and used goods.  Amazon offers a Prime Membership that, amongst other things, gives you free two day shipping on a lot of products.  Ebay offers users the ability to buy just about any

webtalkscreenshotnew or used product.  Let’s be honest.  While Webtalk will certainly grow into the tens and hundreds of millions of users, they aren’t going to replace these shopping sites.

Webtalk will launch features that allow businesses to display their products for sale, consumers to sell their goods, new or used, and also allow businesses to offer special offers just for Webtalk users.  Webtalk’s patent pending social marketplace will be a state of the art center for e-commerce.


Sharing is Profitable for Users

In addition to all of the differences, innovative technology and soon to come features, Webtalk is also different for all the other business and social networks because Webtalk offers users a free affiliate program that pays a 10% commission on all revenue streams generated by a users direct referrals to the network.  This article will explain the affiliate program in detail.

The Webtalk Free Affiliate Program Basics

Webtalk will pay commissions to affiliates who join Webtalk AFTER beta testing is completed in the amount of 10% of all revenue generated by users who were directly referred to Webtalk by that affiliate.


Webtalk will pay commissions to affiliates who join Webtalk now, DURING beta testing, in the amount of 10% of all revenue generated by users who were directly referred to Webtalk by that affiliate and the people referred by those users through 5 tiers of referrals. The graphic above shows the other requirements necessary to qualify for the five tier commissions bonus (please consult the terms and conditions of the affiliate program on Webtalk).

What is Generated Revenue

Generated revenue is any revenue that Webtalk collects.  For purposes of simplicity, and to show how powerful the affiliate program can be, we will discuss one of the most profitable sources of revenue, ad revenue.  When you scan posts on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, you view several ads, sponsored posts, etc…  Viewing those ads generates revenue for Facebook and Instagram.   Did you know that you as a user of Facebook and Instagram make money for them?  The average US user generates approximately $9.00 per month for Facebook.

Webtalk will track your referral’s usage and pay you 10% of all the ad revenue that your referrals generate for the company.  For beta testers who complete their profile and have one direct referral purchase an upgrade subscription package (starting at $20 per month), the five tier commissions bonus will be available.

Additional revenue will also qualify for commissions including fees generated by Webtalk for products sold by consumers and businesses, monthly subscriptions (which are NOT required to be purchased to be in the affiliate program), and others that will be rolled out after beta testing is completed.

How To Qualify for the Five Tier Affiliate Commissions Program

There are the basic steps to qualify for the five tier commission program:

  1.  Join Webtalk now during beta testing,
  2. Complete your profile to 100% using the completeness meter on your profile page,
  3. Maintain at least one direct referral who purchases an upgrade premium subscription.

Complete details are available on Webtalk once you join.





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