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Top Affiliate Questions Answered

Yesterday, Webtalk CEO RJ Garbowicz posted a brief checklist about why it is valuable to refer users now while Webtalk is still in beta.  Below is the complete post:


Why refer users now during Beta testing when there are no commissions being paid?

1) If you invite people after Beta, their income opportunity is less since they will not have the same commission plan as Beta users. They will earn 10% from their direct referrals only. This will reduce the number of people who are inviting others all of the time for the income opportunity offered now. Therefore, you have more opportunity to grow a very large referral network now.

2) After we come out of Beta, Webtalk will have open enrollment so users will NOT be forced to find an affiliate link to join. You will still earn credit for your referrals who join from your links and invitation emails. However, if new users choose to go to directly and join without a referral, they can do so.

3) The 5-tier commission plan we are offering now is a financial reward for being first, providing content, growing the community and revenue while helping us test our software in the process to find and fix the bugs.

4) We are working on another special reward for our Beta users as well. Stay tuned 🙂

In short, Webtalk has created what is likely going to be the most lucrative free affiliate program in history, but ultimately, the choice is yours if you want to take advantage of it or not.

Thank you for joining Webtalk’s Beta launch. We hope you love our software as much as we do and we are wishing you all success!

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