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Webtalk Explained in Simple Terms

Introduction Webtalk is a social and business networking site based in Florida.  Webtalk reached over 1,000,000 users at the beginning of October, 2018 representing a staggering 615% growth rate in one month.  At its current growth rate, 2,000,000 users and beyond is realistic before year's end. While Webtalk is a rapidly growing network, it is… Continue reading Webtalk Explained in Simple Terms

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Webtalk Free Affiliate Plan Amended – Million Member Cap Removed

Webtalk recently announced changes to its Free Affiliate Plan due to the explosive growth of the new social networking site.  As of this writing, membership stood at 550,000 members and Webtalk is rising in website rankings, currently in the top 72,000 websites globally and in the top 13,000 websites in the United States according to… Continue reading Webtalk Free Affiliate Plan Amended – Million Member Cap Removed

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Webtalk Featured on ABC News

Webtalk CEO RJ Garbowicz isn't getting much sleep lately, working about 20 hours a day, he told ABC News this morning in their exclusive look into the company's operations. Garbowicz was interviewed by ABC Action News in Florida and gave the network insight into Webtalk's current development and plans.  He showed reporters how Webtalk takes popular… Continue reading Webtalk Featured on ABC News

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Features Update

Recently, Webtalk, a new social networking site, announced several new features in development.  The site is currently in beta testing and accordingly, new features are frequently announced to the excitement of its almost 400,000 members.  Some of these features include: Block function to remove users from your network, Bug fixes that prevent non connected users… Continue reading Features Update

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Free Affiliate Program Details

The Webtalk affiliate program is completely free and every new Webtalk user is eligible to participate.  You never have to buy a product, keep inventory, or pressure others to purchase anything.  The following information was posted September 6,2018 on Webtalk by CEO and founder RJ Garbowicz   Webtalk's FREE SocialCPX affiliate program commission plan overview...… Continue reading Free Affiliate Program Details