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Webtalk News – Coming Soon Features Revealed

Today, Webtalk announced a few coming soon features to the site that are both innovative and potentially very profitable for users and their affiliate referrals.  The complete text of the post by CEO RJ Garbowicz is below.... WEBTALK UPDATE: How big is Webtalk going to get you ask? The sky's the limit! We spent the… Continue reading Webtalk News – Coming Soon Features Revealed

webtalk changes, webtalk features, webtalk growth

Major Update Release and Record Breaking User Growth

Over the past couple of days, Webtalk made major announcements concerning its user growth, features additions and upcoming press.  CEO RJ Garbowicz announced: The week of October 1st, Webtalk will launch version 2.14 of the new social networking site.  The new version is a major upgrade in terms of features and bug fixes.  Webtalk is… Continue reading Major Update Release and Record Breaking User Growth

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Features Update

Recently, Webtalk, a new social networking site, announced several new features in development.  The site is currently in beta testing and accordingly, new features are frequently announced to the excitement of its almost 400,000 members.  Some of these features include: Block function to remove users from your network, Bug fixes that prevent non connected users… Continue reading Features Update

webtalk features, webtalk growth

Webtalk Reaches 200,000 Members

Webtalk Inc. announced today that total membership reached over 200,000 users, representing a 100% increase from membership the previous two weeks. RJ Garbowicz, CEO and Founder, is as excited about the news as the rapidly growing user base and went further by sharing investment presentation media.  Some of Webtalk's plans for the future include the… Continue reading Webtalk Reaches 200,000 Members