Step 1 – Welcome

cropped-h2gt6j3__400x40011.pngWelcome to the Webtalk Global Team


The purpose of this page is to provide you and your team of referred users with information and tips that will help you grow your referrals.  Check the page often for updates.


We hope that you have been enjoying the site.  Remember, the site is still in beta.  There are so many features that have not been brought online yet.  Social networking sites take time to grow but, with 240,000 members (as of 9/9/2018) and growing at a rate of 20,000-40,000 members per day, Webtalk is on track to continue to rapidly grow into the millions, tens of millions and hundreds of millions of users.  For those of us who are one of the founding million members, we have the ability to earn residual income through five different levels of our referrals without any cost to us.  We are the “Million Member Babies“.

UPDATE:  As of 9/11/2018 we’ve exceed 275,000 users.

UPDATE:  345,000 members as of 9/14/2018

UPDATE:  Webtalk has over 1,000,000 members as of 10/6/2018

So, let’s get started…..


First Steps after Joining Webtalk

  1.  Upload a photo and complete your Profile Page as much as possible.  (When the site is out of beta and the affiliate commissions are ready to be paid, you must have your profile completed to 100%).  Go to your profile page and complete your profile. It’s ok not to have a recommendation yet, you can get one after your profile is completed and people you know have also joined but, do it as soon as possible.
  2. Play with the site.  Look at all the current features, read posts, learn about what’s available and what’s coming. You will have a lot of questions.  You will encounter bugs on the site.  It’s all being worked on and that’s why the site is still in beta.
  3. If you haven’t already, watch the company videos.  I cant emphasize that enough.  They can all be found at the Webtalk Inc YouTube Channel 

  4. Find your referral page links and copy them so that you can share the site on the go.  Tips for doing this will be provided in the steps below.

This is a great start.  It will introduce you to the site, answer a lot of questions, and give you a familiarity that will allow you to talk about it as a real user.