240,000 Members and Top 100,000 Alexa Rank

Webtalk announced yesterday that total users reached 240,000 representing a growth of approximately 40,000 users in one day.  The daily growth in this social networking site is consistently rising.  As of this writing, it's likely the site has reached a quarter million users.  The rise is dramatic for a new social network, absent an app,… Continue reading 240,000 Members and Top 100,000 Alexa Rank


EventWave by Webtalk – The Next Generation Messenger

Webtalk Inc. announced its next generation messenger app, Eventwave today. EventWave bridges the gap between virtual and physical networking and uses the power of Webtalk's SocialCRM contact management system and channelled newsfeed to host last-minute on demand meetups and events. Eventwave even summons an Uber to take you to the event and has a indoor/outdoor… Continue reading EventWave by Webtalk – The Next Generation Messenger

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Webtalk Reaches 200,000 Members

Webtalk Inc. announced today that total membership reached over 200,000 users, representing a 100% increase from membership the previous two weeks. RJ Garbowicz, CEO and Founder, is as excited about the news as the rapidly growing user base and went further by sharing investment presentation media.  Some of Webtalk's plans for the future include the… Continue reading Webtalk Reaches 200,000 Members

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Free Affiliate Program Details

The Webtalk affiliate program is completely free and every new Webtalk user is eligible to participate.  You never have to buy a product, keep inventory, or pressure others to purchase anything.  The following information was posted September 6,2018 on Webtalk by CEO and founder RJ Garbowicz   Webtalk's FREE SocialCPX affiliate program commission plan overview...… Continue reading Free Affiliate Program Details

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What is Webtalk

Webtalk is the social and business network, FREE to all users,  that is growing at a rate of 20,000 to 30,000 members daily.  As of this writing, Webtalk had close to 200,000 users. Update 9/25/2018:  Webtalk membership is in excess of 550,000 users. Update 9/30/2018:  Webtalk now has over 750,000 users. UPDATE 10/22/18:  1,260,000+ users… Continue reading What is Webtalk