Step 2 – What is Webtalk

webtalkindexingSTEP TWO

“What is This Thing All About”

Let’s start with what Webtalk is not…its not a get rich quick scheme.  It’s not a pyramid scheme.  It’s not a scam.  No one should ever say that you are going to be a millionaire tomorrow with Webtalk.  It takes time for sites to grow.

Webtalk is also not like some of the very legitimate network marketing companies that have been around for a while and that make money for many people.  Webtalk is not Scentsy, Avon, Amway or the others because Webtalk doesn’t sell physical products.

Webtalk is a social and business  network.  The difference between Webtalk and all the other startups that try to be as big as Facebook is technology and innovation.  Webtalk took the simplicity of Facebook and is combining elements of Instagram, LinkedIn and Amazon on the Webtalk network.  For example, Webtalk recently announced Eventwave  as their messenger app.  The features of that app alone are truly innovative.

“So if we’re not selling anything, how do affiliates earn money?”

This is the number one asked question.  It will probably be the number one question that you’re asked.  The answer is commissions that you will earn through subscriptions, ad revenue, and fees from sales of other businesses products.  Webtalk affiliates will earn commissions from all sources of revenue that are brought into the company but, only one subscription sale during the introductory period is required to qualify as an affiliate.  More on that later.  Let’s look at each one individually.

Ad Revenue

Facebook’s quarterly ad revenue is in the billions of dollars.  They keep it all. When you view ads on Facebook, Instagram, etc, the sites earn money.  When you click on an ad, they earn money.  As all the users in your network do the same on Webtalk, you will earn 10% of the money that they generate. Webtalk is sharing the ad revenue with its affiliates.  As of this writing, anyone who registers as a user and fulfills the qualifications can be a part of the 5 tier affiliate program  FOR LIFE because we are part of the beta testing.

Fees from Sales of Products Listed on Webtalkwebtalkscreenshot

One of Webtalk’s innovations is the marketplace that they will introduce next year.  Webtalk filed a patent on their marketplace and search engine.  Businesses and personal users (think Ebay) will have the ability to sell products on the site using state of the art technology.  Affiliates will get 10% of the fees generated from those sales.  This is affiliate marketing and does not require you to purchase or sell anything.


Webtalk offers monthly subscription services to its users like LinkedIn.  You do NOT have to buy one to be an affiliate and earn commissions.  In fact, while you can buy one if you like the features, you personally cannot buy one to qualify as an affiliate. As the site grows, they project that approximately 5% of their users will upgrade to subscription services.  Only one of your direct referrals needs to buy an upgrade for you to qualify as an affiliate.   The subscriptions will be offered when the site comes out of beta.

If you haven’t already, watch the videos  on  for a complete explanation and examples.


“There Has to Be a Catch.  What’s the Catch?”

There is one requirement to be a qualified affiliate eligible for 5 level deep commissions for life.  As one of the beta testers, when the site launches and is out of beta, all you need to do is have ONE of your DIRECT REFERRALS purchase an upgrade subscription Webtalk will offer a lifetime 50% discount on subscriptions to any one who joined the site while in beta and the subscriptions start at $20.00

As I stated above, YOU cannot be the qualifying subscription for yourself.  It has to be one of your direct referrals.  And it’s just one.  You personally never have to spend a dollar to be a part of the affiliate program.

That’s it.  That’s the only “catch”.

For a complete description and list of terms and conditions of the Affiliate Compensation Program, visit Webtalk.