Step 3 – Be Social


Ask People To Join You on Webtalk

“Just Be Social”


Now that you have watched the videos, played around with the site, and understand what’s to come, there are a lot of ways to get direct referrals. Remember, you joined Webtalk with no cost and this is a social media site.  When the site is launched, all the tools in which is the affiliate site will be available to you.  For now, being social is the easiest way to get referrals…

  1. Ask your close friends to join the site with you.  Get as many of them as you can (try for at least 10). Then “connect” with them (same thing as a friend request on Facebook or follower request on Instagram) and make them personal contacts as friends as well as professional contacts and make sure they connect with you the same way.
  2. Start posting on the site just like Facebook or Instagram.  Post a pic, post a meme, etc.  Remember you can limit who sees your posts much more easily than Facebook. Post to your Personal Contacts with a touch of a button.
  3. After you post you will see at the top of your post on the right three dots.  Click the three dots, and copy the link to your post.  Text that link to all those people.  When they click it, it will take them directly to your post on Webtalk and they can comment and like it.

After you’ve done that with your core group, you can start texting links to posts to other people who haven’t joined yet.  When those people ask you, “what is this thing” you can now say something like “its a new social media site that we are all on.  Look at my post”.  They then register for the site just like facebook and instagram.  No cost, no credit card and when they are your referral for life.  How did Facebook get to a billion members?  As more people got on board, everyone wanted to join !    Just Be Social !